Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I've been really busy with going home, getting my car, packing everything up from home, going to a wedding and reception, and driving back up to East Lansing and now attending classes again.

SO... I apologize for the lack of any posting for the past couple weeks. But now things are starting to settle in to a routine.

I'm sure I can post more often in the future now that I'm back at school.


Having a car is awwwesommmmmmmmmme

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost there

I'm so close. I took another final today, and then worked for a nice 6 hour shift in the cafeteria. Now that that's done, I get to put together my bunk bed again, clean the whole dorm room, and pack up everything before I leave tomorrow. I just have to worry about my last final at 3:00 tomorrow. And the fact that I have another 6 hour shift before that.

This was just a short update, I'll probably post something longer on Friday or something when things aren't so hectic here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I finished it...

Well... I finished the essay. It's a piece of crap, but its better than handing in nothing at all. Time to forget about it and move on. Now I just have my other two finals to study for. I'm gonna have a jam-packed week ahead of me. After that it's going to be going home for a week, and then coming back up to East Lansing to move into my new apartment! Plus I'll finally have my own car to use for the summer and next school year!

In other news... I just recently finished the 4th book in the Wheel of Time series: The Shadow Rising. It was pretty boss to say the least. I can't wait until this semester finally done so I have time to start the next book.

Any other Robert Jordan fans out there?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

State of affairs

I guess I'm kinda just gonna ramble for a while today, since I'm still figuring out the whole blog scene.

It's finals week at Michigan State, and I'm procrastinating big time. I have an entire final essay to write and another two finals to study for. I'm not even clear on what the essay is supposed to be, It's supposedly asking me to "reread the papers and projects that you have created this semester" and reflect upon my growth as a writer... Damn this sounds exciting. It also has to be in the form of a letter addressed to my professor and future students. All that, plus making it 5-7 pages... I'm blanking on how I'm supposed to put my reflections into 1500 words. Our earlier essays have all been about what my professor calls, "literacies." He defines a literacy as knowledge in a certain subject that allows one to see the world in a different perspective. This literacy can be something common like a language. But can also be something like having the literacy of running, or mathematics, or politics. Our 1st paper was about one of our own personal literacies. 2nd paper was about a literacy that's vital to our culture, (a cultural literacy). 3rd paper was about a disciplinary literacy (as in writing about our knowledge in our respective majors). Anyway, that's kinda the rundown on what we've been doing in that class.

In other news, my dorm room looks like utter shit right now. My roommate and I just took our loft down manually and we have our mattresses lying on the floor to sleep on. Plus we have at least 200 cans in bags that we need to recycle so we can stock up on energy drinks for this week.

Yeah, so that's about it for now. Thoughts on my first legit post would be cool, thanks.

Lions draft ftw. We're gonna have the best D line in the league. Not to mention an electrifying offense with Stafford (hopefully staying healthy), our core of receivers and tight ends, as well as our two headed monster RBs in Best and Leshoure.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

So it begins

Hey there to my nonexistent readers. I just recently got interested in blogging, so any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas on how to get started?